Guys, You Need To Stop Doing These Things On a First Date

You have come across this article because you have an upcoming first date marked on your planner, or, your first date attempts always fail. Regardless, you need to educate yourself on how to succeed on your first date and make the woman see more of you.

If you want to be successful on your first date, below are the things you need to stop doing while on a date. Bear in mind that these came from a woman’s perspective, so to say, are effective.

1. Do not ask a woman what she wanted to do or where she wanted to go. Do your research.

If you asked a woman for a date, make sure you already planned everything, including the places you will go, the food you will eat, and the activities you will do throughout the day or night. Always have a plan B and C ready, just in case the day is going right and the girl wants to stay longer with you. Knowing the personality of the woman you are dating will score you a smooth and spontaneous first date.

2. Do not check your phone.

Checking your phone regularly while having time with her will signal her of your lack of focus and interest on your date. Checking for no reason needs to be stopped because it makes a woman think that your date is boring, or you are looking for something more interesting to do. You may check your phone once or twice if you are expecting something very important but never swipe for no reason at all. Put your phone away from the table as much as possible. Women want attention solely on them.

3. Do not talk about your ex or your family.

Your first date should only focus on you and your date. If you will just talk about your past life with your ex or your life with your family, an awkward moment will transpire. The first date should always be fun not serious. Explore your date and get to know her but avoid talking too much. You may say something about yourself but don’t brag or over impress. Women like to talk about themselves a lot and it is best just to hear them talking. Compliment every now and then if needed.

4. Do not show your rude side.

You might be rude in real life, or sometimes you just don’t really care about the world, but this time, try to be polite and considerate during your first date. Smile to the waiter, cashier, and to any stranger you will encounter. Being rude is a major turn off and will only make your date think you still have more rude attitudes stored in you. A woman, even of modern age, expects you to be polite and gentleman like how your mother raised you to be.

5. Don’t get too drunk.

Guys get drunk when they are nervous. A bottle or two is okay while on a date, but holding too much in your belly and can’t handle it will signal the red flag. Imagine yourself on a first date swearing, talking nonsense, laughing-out-loud and bragging about yourself. Do you think it’s a nice thing to do? Definitely, not.

6. Don’t be a cheap guy.

If you are on a budget, don’t go to places you can’t afford, yet be creative with your ideas. Just don’t show the woman you are a cheap guy who doesn’t want to spend much money on a date. If you are a cheap guy on a first date, then you are probably cheap in all aspect. That will be the first impression you will give to the woman and you don’t want that to happen. Give your best shot so you will win another date.