7 Anal Foreplay Techniques For Beginners

Different types and forms of sex are exuberates the mind of many people. One of such is anal sex. Moreover, it is a sensual action for some that sometimes not comfortably discussed or doesn’t have an open attribute of ideas for many. Hence, that is the fun and exciting part of it. Have you ever thought of putting a finger on someone’s butt or let someone insert his finger into yours? Definitely, it’s kind of awkward for some especially beginners to talk about this type of sex. If that is the case, then how can you get into some sensual foreplay that will lead to an amazing anal sex? Remember, it is painful for the first time.

Anal sex is just one simple way of making your sexual life step up to the next level. Meaning to say, it’s another way of giving an impact to your partner. Indeed, experimentation is key. As part of it, you’ve got to learn the different style of anal sex such as Fingering, Rimming, Salad Tossing and Analingus (through mouth or tongue).

With this in mind, here are the top seven anal foreplay techniques if you’re doing it for the first time;



Massage the butt part

These erotic massages send trickier and give in more pleasure to both parties most specifically to the receiver of the massage. As you hear the moaning sound around the four corners of the room, you’re doing it your best peak.  This will surely work out your way to the anus before you insert anything.

Stimulate the other body parts

In doing such, stimulating other body parts will keep the sensation on its outburst level. You don’t need to focus only on the anus alone. Although, you’ve got to remember that your target is to give more pleasure and sensual feelings to your partner through anal sex, doing boobs massage or vaginal finger can help a lot, too. But make sure you are not using the same finger to her anus and vagina.

Slow and savor for more penetration

Patience and hard work should be accumulated in the anal sex course. Using penis or sex toys inside your anus is not enough to keep the sensation going. As a normal sex routine, you need to move up the tempo and rhythmic towards your partner during sex. For beginners, slow insertion along with some dirty talks will boost your partner’s sensual feeling and interest. Make her comfortable as you enjoy your sex.

Shower time is sexy

This will help a lot in doing the anal sex penetration. Taking a bath together is not only exciting but also relaxing and it enables you to take pleasure in each other’s bodies. You can add up anything like a love making music to set the mood as you do the foreplay.


The power of sex toys

Utilizing sex toys most especially for anus can have an alluring feeling during an anal foreplay. Butt plug or anal beads are designed to rub against the nerve endings in the anal area which helps your partner to be aroused at that moment. This act helps the anal muscles to set in for the penetration.

Anal Fingering in Solo

You’ve got to practice a little bit beforehand so anal fingering is a solution. Of course, trim your nails to explore the anal area safely. You can do such thing by looking at the mirror and imagine yourself on the actual sex scene.

Playful tongue

Rimming or licking the anus with a tongue can generate a pleasurable sexual treat. This is one of the best parts anal sexperimentation as you forbid yourself not to do so but the body wants more. With proper personal hygiene, being rimmed feels really fantastic.