5 Things You Ought To Know About The Pill And Your Body

Oral contraceptive pills are specifically designed for preventing pregnancy. Truth be told, the benefits of hormonal birth control pills can go far beyond stopping ovulation or prevention of pregnancy. In fact, based from the United States’ National Health Statistics Reports, there are over 99% women (15-44) are using at least one BC method.

It turns out that using contraceptive provides some pretty surprising health benefits that are actually mostly categorized as side effects, yet actually is prescribed for non-contraceptive reasons. You can relate to this if you have irregular periods. What’ more, the new pill isn’t only for the sexually active! Read on to find out more surprising facts about the new oral contraceptive pill and what it can do for you;

1. It contributes to clear, smooth skin.

Some skin problems like acne are caused by the overproduction of male hormones by your body. Pills with anti-androgen hormone help prevent acne or pimple breakouts. Doctors often prescribe pills that contain both estrogen and progestin because they can avoid producing oils in the skin, keeping it smooth and clear. In addition, the oestrogen comes in BC pills can also help regulate the hormonal patterns in the body.

2. It is helpful in decreasing unwanted hair growth.

Excess hair growth can be caused by different factors including genes, ethnicity and menopause. Aside from shaving or laser hair removal, birth control pills are also given to patients to treat or control unwanted hair growth. The appearance of unwanted hair on the face, chest, and legs can be lessened with the help of pills with anti-androgen hormone. This specific pill counteracts the effects of excessive androgen hormone.

3. It aids in regulating menstruation.

Hormones control some of the most significant physiological and behavioral processes in the body. That’s exactly the reason why having a healthy hormone balance is essential because they work differently in specific areas of the body. Some pills contain estrogen and progesterone that helps regulate the menstrual cycle. Upon regular intake, your body receives a steady amount of progesterone and estrogen regardless of whether you are under a lot of stress or not. In effect, no matter the condition, you need not experience any hormonal imbalances.

4. It helps prevent certain forms of cancer.

Cancer is one of the principal causes of death worldwide, with approximately 8.2 million deaths and 14.1 million new cases in 2012 (Cancer Research UK). In the US, ovarian and endometrial cancers are among the top leading causes of deaths and incidence among women. The risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer is minimized by using oral contraceptives. Some pills not only help prevent cancer, but also help reduce production of the malignant and benign cysts alike.

5. It can help treat Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a hormonal disorder characterized by enlarged ovaries that have numerous small painless cysts. The principal features are irregular menstruation an excessive amounts of androgenic hormones that produce cysts. Pills help regulate menstruation brought about by hormonal imbalance due to estrogen and progesterone. These contraceptives also have an anti-androgen hormone that helps decrease the production of cysts.